Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is a portrait of Castro. Samson-esque imagery being used in his beard with militant symbols representing his methods of choice during the Cuban revolution. Bazow!

Friday, March 14, 2008

0.999... = 1

0.333... = (1/3)

3 x 0.333... = 3 x (1/3) = (3 x 1)/3

0.999... = 1


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Orphan Works Bill

The Orphan Works Bill.

What is it? Bogus, but for more detailed descriptions, search google or follow this link
Lots of information from an Illustration point of view (although it also affects Photographers and other artists.)
In very basic terms, if passed the Orphan Works Bill will allow "educators, curators" and more importantly, businesses to use works of art (essentially scot-free) if a "reasonable" effort is made to find the owner of the copyright to said image. BAD. What is just as bad is the fact that if, for example, someone uses one of your images (having claimed to have made a reasonable effort to find out) without your consent and you do find out about it, all you can do is claim the fee you would have been paid for the original job, no damages are owed. Not only do they only need pay you the original fee, they may be allowed to pay you whatever is "reasonable" or within their budget (ie: whatever they like).
Since this is a US bill it may seem safe to be in Canada or even Japan but with the internet being such a part of our market, any company from the US can find an image from anywhere in the world and, if challenged on copyright ownership, they will be protected under US law.
The reason this bill has been brought to congress is that it will allow museums and resources to use older photographs for which the copyright holders may be genuinely hard to track down. This Bill may have been well intentioned but what is being (in some circles) overlooked is the fact that many illustrators, freelancers and other independent artists will lose business and money, perhaps a lot.

These views are my own and I may have paraphrased some sections of the bill, so do feel free to read up on it yourself and make comments if you feel so obliged.